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An abundance of degrowth-related events will be taking place this summer. There is something for everyone. We hope you will make the right pick!

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1. Join us for the third Degrowth Summer School in Germany!

As in previous years, the third Degrowth Summer School will offer various intensive courses around the topic of degrowth. This year's Summer School will take place from the 18th to the 23rd of August. It will take place on the Climate Camp in the Rhineland again, which runs from the 18th till 29th of August.

We can already say that the programme will cover pressing topics such as possible answers to the surge of right-wing populism in Europe and a socially just exit from coal.

To organize all this, we still need more people. If you're interested in joining the team, please write to So feel free to join us! In case you still need inspiration, have a look at last year's photos and videos.


2.…or for the fourth Summer School on Degrowth and Environmental Justice in Barcelona!

Sustaining a life of diversity, fairness and justice requires transformations, slow and fast, big and small, throughout the entire spectrum of society. This is the thread that the Fourth edition of the Summer school on degrowth and environmental justice will follow. As in previous editions, the school will be hosted by Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona/ICTA and organized in collaboration with Research & Degrowth. It will take place from June 25 June to July 7. For more information visit the Barcelona Summer School's site.


3. For utopians: MOVE UTOPIA from June 21 to 25 in North-East Germany

Designing the future, de-growing growth and living utopia!

The idea behind MOVE UTOPIA: To bring together all those who believe that we can overcome existing conditions of human separation and work towards new forms of conviviality: "New kinds of relationships can come into being by openly sharing and communicating needs and talents. We want to develop new forms of living together to make a good life for all possible. Conscious of our dependence on this earth and also on each other, we are deeply convinced that we can live together according to our needs and abilities. We celebrate the experiment of living utopia to confront the global issues of our time, beyond nations". Read more about the summer assembly and the full English translation of the MOVE UTOPIA consensus here.


4. For project groups: The Dragon Dreaming Transition Lab 2017

If you are in the process of planning your own project, the Dragon Dreaming Transition Lab from 18th to 24th of September in the Sieben Linden ecovillage is the right place to be. This international project camp will open up an inspiring, innovative and cooperative space for all change makers ready to make their dreams of an eco-social future come true. With the wisdom and methods of Dragon Dreaming, you will be inspired and supported by a team of excellent trainers– and work on your real project with your team.


5. Join the Feminisms and Degrowth Alliance

The Feminisms and Degrowth Alliance (FaDA) is a network, currently in form of a mailing list, to unfold the common potentials of the two movements and to foster their alliance. Its main objectives are to exchange information, keep in touch and push for a FaDA agenda. This initiative aims to encourage the reflection of differences, contradictions and limits and to explore and deepen convergences, potentials and strategies of the alliance between feminisms and degrowth. In case you also think that feminism rocks, you can subscribe by sending an email to More information is available in this blog post.

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For couch-potatoes: read our blog!

Tilman Santarius who is at the forefront of researching rebound-effects wrote on Digitalization, Efficiency and the Rebound Efffect. Jeroen van den Bergh's "Agrowth"-approach has started a lively discussion with Giorgos Kallis on what degrowth actually is and stands for, and Andrea Rigon has summarized some Degrowth Politics and Policies for Degrowth. And as usual, there is much to discover. Enjoy the read.


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