A Gathering of Ideas, Actions, Performance, and Alliances for Making Change

14-20 AUG NOWTOPIA Copenhagen / Grey Hall
a 7 day long experiment, art plays together with reality, choreography, installations and music meets academics, storytellers and revolutionaries

NOWTOPIA is a forum for Degrowth related talks, labs, art discussions and ‘hands on’ research.

Degowth conference participants and speakers taking part in are invited to join NOWTOPIA
We offer spaces to discuss, experiment and create in exchange with the Malmö conference.
Malmö and Copenhagen are only 30 minutes apart by public transport.

> The location is Grey Hall, Christiania, Copenhagen, indoor and outdoor spaces.
> To submit your proposal for a lab, workshop, art project, performance or talk, please write to
> There is no deadline, any last minute proposal is welcome.
> For participants visiting Copenhagen, NOWTOPIA offers accommodation 14th-21st Aug. Book latest 10th June, see details here
> Find more information on the program here.

As part of Nowtopia: GAP on Monday 20th AUG
A global meeting of Degrowth realities aims to bring groups and individuals together for academic, political and practical actions on Degrowth that go beyond the biennial conferences.
Program :
> 9.15 Presentation of the project by Support Group
> 9.30-13.00: each reality presents itself [please prepare a 3 minutes speech to present your reality] > 13.00-14.00 Lunch
> 14.00-16.00 World café with 6 table on objectives developed by GAP “Organizing collective actions of Leipzig: 1.Who we are, 2. Who we are not, 3. What to do; 4. How to do it, 5. Our (re)sources, 6. Alliances
> 16.00-16.30 coffee break
> 16.30-17.00 Feedback from groups
> 17.00-18.30 General discussion on how to organize ourselves (Fishbowl facilitation technique)
> 18.30-19.00 Creation of working groups (e.g. activists and practitioners, academics, politics, artists, collective actions, education, IT group and other optional/free group if needed)

Register for GAP specifically on