Call for Hosting the 7th International Degrowth Conference

OPEN CALL for Hosting the 7th International Degrowth Conference (Foreseen for 2020) – We are open to different formats, like regional or thematic conferences.

This year the degrowth community celebrates the 10th anniversary of the first international degrowth conference in Paris (2008). This event introduced the originally French activist slogan décroissance into the English-speaking world and international academia as degrowth.

This is an open call for expressions of interest from parties who wish to organize the next conference(s). Apart from hosting the Seventh International Conference (foreseen for 2020), we are open to different formats and proposals, like hosting a national or regional conference, or an international thematic conference (e.g. refugees and degrowth, or feminisms and degrowth,…).

If you are interested, please:

1) Send us an expression of interest by the 15th of July, with a 1-2 pages tentative proposals; these can be a base for an informal conversation at the Malmö or Mexico City conferences, or an online call. Please send your proposals to:

2) Submit your complete proposal in 5-10 pages by the 1st of December. Send your proposals to:

Ideally, if you intend to apply, please let us know so in advance, so that – in case there are any updates – we can easily let you know. However, it is not a necessary condition to let the SG know in advance.

For more information, please see:


In 2018 there will be three international conferences:


We are looking forward to receiving your proposals, and working on them together.

In solidarity,
The Support Group,
Research & Degrowth (R&D),