Call for contributions to the Degrowth Info Booth at CANSEE 2021

Thu, May 27 to Fri, May 29

Degrowth is an idea and a movement that sparks theory and action for how people – personally and as communities – might shift focus away from economic growth and productivity to worlds where we prioritize care, justice, and wellbeing for all beings. Within the Canadian Society for Ecological Economics biennial conference, CANSEE 2021: Pathways for Inclusive and Sustainable Recovery, The Degrowth Info Booth will contribute an air of festivity by creating a virtual space to gather and celebrate conviviality, knowledge and disobedience through art, activism and academics. Wander on by and discover music, poetry or a story-time. Pop in to catch a presentation of degrowth-oriented research or a discussion on degrowth activism. Take a seat and connect with other degrowth-curious comrades in your community.

We would like to invite contributions of degrowth and degrowth-adjacent creativities and research. Do you have a knack for entertaining children in the virtual? We need you to help us with kidlet centered activities. Would you like to lead a fireside chat on a topic you are passionate about? We will provide the space, and the virtual fire. Do you have degrowth research or activism that you would like to present at the Degrowth Info Booth? Do you have another creative idea that you would be excited to share? Let us know!

Please send a brief description (300 words) of your proposed activity or manner in which you would like to be involved by May 1, 2021 to

Hope you have a snaily day,

Meg, Sam and Bar (General Partners, DegrowBTV)

P.S. Logistics: This is a virtual event. All participants in the Degrowth Info Booth will need to be registered attendees at CANSEE 2021 [Free for CANSEE members, $30 for non-members, $15 for students]. DegrowBTV has some dollars to cover registration for those folks who might be experiencing financial stress.