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Abstract: In this article, I point to the possible danger of degrowth theories and practices idealizing self-sufficiency. While most of the degrowth literature addresses such projects from a bottom-up vantage point, I argue that there is the risk that degrowth practices emulate authoritarian regimes if such endeavors are imposed in a top-down and centralized way. I intend to develop my argument in two ways. First, by showing the existence of certain minor strands of contemporary degrowth literature that can be deemed as conservative. Secondly, by making explicit how relevant was the ideal of self-sufficiency in the general rhetoric and certain practices of fascist and dictatorial regimes during the 20th century. In summary, I argue that studying the historical roots and ideological connections of green discourses such as degrowth with conservative and non-democratic thought can be relevant to prevent green and alternative ideological discourses in relation to self-sufficiency to be captured and manipulated by political forces with a reactionary agenda.