Media library An independently published open book exploring the visions, actions, tools and impacts of change agents, thinkers and ‘happeners’ (those who make things happen!). It shows the creative processes and tools for designing positive societal transitions. These transitions are revealed by showing the new hybrid relationships being forged between alternative approaches to learning, living, making, socialising, thinking and working.
Agents of Alternatives enables professionals, amateurs and citizens to understand the rich possibilities of creating and designing together in open, participatory and imaginative ways. It provides an integrated and systemic collection of case studies, essays and interviews from well-known international contributors and local activists, collated by an international team of editors.

Interviews with: Francesca Weber-Newth & Isolde Nagel, Cecilia Palmer, Elisa Garrote-Gasch, Amber Hickey, Maya Indira Ganesh and Gaby Sobliye, Frauke Hehl & Antonia Schui, Cordula Andrä, Caleb Waldorf, Fotini Lazaridou-Hatzigoga and Fiona Gueß, Daphne Büllesbach & Luisa Maria Schweizer, Diana Krabbendam, Tiina-Kaisa Laakso-Liukkonen, Marcin Jakubowski, Corinna Fuchs and David Griedelbach.

Essays by: Frigga Haug, Valerie A. Brown & John Harris, Martin Parker, David Bollier, Michel Bauwens, Otto von Busch, Benjamin Becker, Stefanie Gernert, Bernd Kniess, Ben Pohl and Anna Richter, Cindy Kohtala, Alastair Fuad-Luke, Anja-Lisa Hirscher, Katharina Moebus.

Case studies: Aalto Lab Mexico; Anselma; Year of Open Source; Bring Your Own Biennale; Neighbourhood Labs; Open Green Maps; Institute of Design Research Vienna; Konzeptwerk Neue Ökonomie; Kuutio; Make{able}; Open Wear; Pixelache Festival;; and Women’s rights campaigning Info Activism Toolkit.

ISBN: 978-3-00-049379-9