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Abstract: We describe a pilot project which is being developed in the municipality of Alhendín; a village of 8000 inhabitants in the Granada belt. The aim is to perform a complete management of the Organic Fraction of the Municipal Waste (MWOF).
Starting from the separate collection of the waste, the entire process takes place in the municipality of Alhendín itself, including the use of the compost by local farmers. To make this management feasible, the task is being carried out with the cooperation of the estates of the village, namely: neighbours, students and teachers from the Institute, the Consistory, the Council (RESUR) and the farmers interested in the matter. We are pleased to present here the first part of the project, which requires the implementation and coordination of all the numerous variables concerned in the organization of a separate collection system: seminars, explanatory talks, contests of logos, advertisings design and advertising, population surveys, containers acquisition, design and organization of the collection process, etc. In this paper we describe the set off of the commissioning recycling project of MWOF, managed almost like a natural cycle, where all stages occur practically in the same place where the MWOF is generated. The project name therefore hints its aim: Alhendín: Kilometre Zero.

Contribution to the 3rd International Degrowth Conference for Ecological Sustainability and Social Equity in Venice in 2012.