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Abstract: The aim of the paper is to show that the Blue Growth strategy of the European Union again ignores the fact that ongoing increase in economic activity is not possible while decreasing negative impacts on ecosystems and preserving the natural environment. The strategy again is not defining ways to cope with limits to resource availability, the necessity to reduce negative external effects on ecosystems and the limited capacity of sinks. Therefore, this strategy will in the long term only lead to more degraded ecosystems. Nevertheless, the change in fisheries management in the European Union over the last 10 years is a good example for the possibility for a sustainable use of a renewable resource. More and more stocks are harvested sustainably. However, at a certain stage an increase in harvest will not be possible anymore and some kind of steady state achieved.
Key words: Blue growth, limits to growth, resource availability, fisheries

There is no paper for this media entry. This was a contribution to a scientific session at the 4th International Degrowth Conference in Leipzig in 2014, which doesn’t exist in written format or is not published under open access.