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Abstract: In recent years there is an increasing interest in studying the performance of the so-called alternative, local or quality food supply chains. Different actors, endorsing different discourses, highlight the advantages and disadvantages of each supply chain according to their interests and their position in the chain (among other reasons). This paper explores the performance of global and local food supply chains of tomatoes sold in Catalonia. The evaluation considers social, economic, environmental attributes, which are operationalized by a set of multidimensional indicators. Different indicators represent different actors concerns, which were identified by a literature review, media (newspapers and TV shows) review and in-depth interviews to key actors. By means of this analysis, it is possible to contrast the perception that different actors have about the performance of local and global tomato supply chains against the performance in terms of biophysical attributes they found relevant for the evaluation. Therefore, it is possible to check coherence and whether public perception is in accordance with biophysical performance.