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Abstract: At the root of it all, what does the degrowth movement ask of us – the individual? In simple terms, it asks us to care about each other as living, breathing beings and to care about our habitat, Planet Earth, and then to act accordingly. It asks us to shift from a mentality of acquiring to one of sharing, or from selfishness to compassion, or even from worrying about one’s self to worrying about the world. Many processes, policies and radical ideas have recently bubbled to the surface, showing us various methods of implementing degrowth practices. But before implementation takes place at any level, people must first understand, accept, adopt and ultimately care about the idea of degrowth itself. Before we tell the world how to “do degrowth,” they must be primed for it. So, how do we create desire for degrowth? How do we make people care about it? In this article, we explore the question: If individuals are provided with an opportunity to give to others on a regular, voluntary basis within the context of a compassionate community, will they be inspired to adopt degrowth and sustainability philosophies and practices? Even more interestingly, will they become compassionate innovators, creating new ideas for degrowth and sustainability because they have become more caring?