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Abstract: Energy as the basis for daily activities on an individual level and for economic activities on a societal level gives fundamental importance to our lives. Components that have to be considered for a successful energy transition include energy technologies, policy framework, behavioural changes, changes of institutional settings, and system dynamics. Critical issues in the field of energy technologies may cover governing large infrastructure systems for energy supply when using renewable energy sources or the self-organisation of energy supply by enforcing the self-construction of energy technologies. As these critical issues alone are connected and influenced by all other listed components and moreover to a system change as a whole it is indispensable to include also other areas of transition. This gives the possibility to detect new relationships between the areas of transition and also to gain knowledge about favouring and hindering factors for the transformative process.

There is no paper for this media entry. This was a contribution to a scientific session at the 4th International Degrowth Conference in Leipzig in 2014, which doesn’t exist in written format or is not published under open access.