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From risk society (Beck) to a convivial society (Illich).

From the post: . . . Just as there is counterproductivity and productivism, there is »counterconformity« and »relationalism«. Beyond such a »connectionist travesty« as Arnsperger calls it, lies the true spirit of Ivan Illich and his thinking: the self-determined autonomy of the human individual. Not an autonomy beyond social relations, quite far from it. But an autonomy that is based on one’s inner strength stemming from being self-productive without over-reliance on either markets nor social relations – and therefore able to fully participate in society and social as well as economic exchange with others. At the heart of conviviality lies a very modern expression: individual freedom. Beyond fear and paranoia, growth and exploitation, retreat and conformity – there might be a convivial modernity as a new narrative for the postgrowth society. Time to re-read Illich!