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Abstract: The New Spirit of Capitalism inspired a vital discussion on the role of critique in capitalism. I want to add three points to this discussion: 1. If a critique is paralyzed by transformations of capitalism depends on its ability to draw upon a positive vision of a just social order. 2. Artistic critique has not only inspired new organizational forms in contemporary capitalism, its influence can also be shown in cooperatives. Cooperatives combine ideals associated with a social, as well as an artistic critique. Comparing ways of organizing work in cooperatives with new organizational forms like project-based firms should be beneficial for better understanding the dynamics and conflicts of artistic and social critique. 3. To realize a good life for all, artistic and social critique have to be complemented with a growth critique. A critique of growth on the other hand, points to ways of organizing production cooperatively.
Keywords: New Spirit of Capitalism, Artistic Critique, Social Critique, Growth Critique, Coordination of Work Strategies for transformation