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Abstract: This paper deals with norms and the perception of possibilities. I discuss how norms, individuals and society are connected. From this, based on the case of Can Decreix (CaD), a center for degrowth, I explore how a different normality can be established. The way that norms both enable and restrict is discussed and used to explain CaD’s internal dynamics as well as those with the surrounding growth society. The study focuses on experiences made by individuals who spent time within the different normality of CaD. Methods used are participant observation, semi-structured interviews and the analysis of my own experiences. Based on these materials I discuss how the individual’s subjectivities are influenced by experiences in CaD. One consequence of these cross-normality experiences is a defamiliarization of the subjects. Having identified norms as powerful, partly because of naturalization, I discuss what practical defamiliarization can mean for the promotion of change towards a degrowth future.
Keywords: norms, normality, practical defamiliarization, cross-normality experience, change
Narrative Step: Visions and strategies for transformation