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From the paper: “While Degrowth has found limited purchase outside existing anti-capitalist, anti-consumerist or scholarly circles, Beavan has become a media darling. His blog found the attention of a variety of media outlets and, after numerous articles and television and radio appearances, has become hugely popular. The effort of ‘one guilty liberal,’ it seems, tapped into a growing environmental zeitgeist among affluent, urban consumers surrounding questions of sustainability, green consumerism, and green capitalism.”
“This essay considers what kind of social movements Degrowth and No Impact Man (the latter an illustration of what I call here bourgeois primitivism) represent in this struggle [the social and ecological crises]. Both are examples of modern anti-consumption environmental social movements. Movements that, as O’Connor has argued, emerge from the crises of capital’s claim to unlimited access to nature.”

Special Issue: Degrowth Symposium Capitalism Nature Socialism, Volume 23, Issue 1