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Abstract: Climate Change is about to happen. Policy has not yet reached an agreement on how to tackle this thread, so some scientists have taken matters into their own hands. What they propose is a technical solution: The modification of the earth’s climate, called Climate Engineering (CE). In the degrowth-debate the attitude to technology is a matter of dispute. On the one hand, technoscience is considered as part of the problem and degrowth should go beyond technologies. On the other hand, some degrowth scholars have started reconsidering this one-sided attitude and rediscovering technology as an ally for the degrowth project, if embedded in a different understanding. This paper explores two approaches, the concepts of viability and conviviality. On the ground of the two criteria developed in the first part, an argument for a critical analysis of CE technologies is developed and applied to current existing or envisioned CE-technologies. The results of this assessment mean to contribute to the ongoing political discussion about climate engineering.