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Abstract: The landscape, especially in a country like Italy, is today entirely man-made, and is the other face of urban civilisation. We are faced with a paradox: we enjoy a very high competence of landscape architects, urban and ecological planners, and we have a disastrous landscape, that is the result of the crisis of civilization. The fabric of local societies and urban landscapes can be reassembled and preserved only by inserting them in the construction of a degrowth society. As part of promoting a serene society of degrowth, relocalization cannot be only an economic issue. Politics, culture, and the entire way of life must regain their territorial anchoring. The keyword is autonomy, obtained through actions aimed to “re-territorialise”, to re-find a site and re-inhabit it, to organise rural and urban bio-regions. A route of de-industrialization will also be needed. Since the landscape is part of the commons, a policy of degrowth will imply the protection of the landscape as well as the search for the common good.

Journal of Research and Didactics in Geography (J-READING), 1, 5, June, 2016, pp. 89-94