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Abstract: We question how groups aimed at implementing degrowth practices have to face social systems that are influenced by mechanisms of Mafia. We argue that anti-mafia practices are necessary steps in order to nurture degrowth. Specifically we tell about a metropolitan context and a rural context in Sicily, IT, being the first a marginalized satellite city and the second a derelict landscape along a river. The first story tells about an occupied sports complex where a group of activists is implementing social and ecological projects in order to give an alternative of hope for a neighborhood where the presence of organized crime is relevant. The second story tells about a community process at a river-valley scale, and about some small scale experiences implemented by groups of young persons who decided not to leave Sicily despite struggles, and to build their lives based on degrowth practices although the rural context is influenced by the organized crime. We present reflections based on our experience through that we learnt operating in Sicily.
Keyword: Anti-mafia