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Presentation [Part of the standard session “Practicing Degrowth“]

The present work aims to contribute in three major ways- 1) By connecting fundamental human needs by Max-Neef et al to global carbon emissions and their satisfaction. 2) By employing an Environmentally Extended MultiRegional Input-Output (EE-MRIO) to assess the outcomes of massive consumption-related lifestyles changes envisioned by stakeholders via backcasting workshops across Europe. 3) By applying a comprehensive lifestyle survey to assess individual members of sustainability grassroots initiatives and quantify their ability and hindrance to overcome structural constrains to reduce their footprint while enhancing life satisfaction. Our results suggest that initiative members uncover lifestyle features that not only enable lower emissions, but also reconcile emissions with income and well-being.

Presenters: Gibran Vita (Open University of the Netherlands)

Language: English

Technical Details: Standard O_Gibran Vita_The environmental impact of lifestyles changes, satisfying human needs and grassroots activists.mp4

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