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Presentation [part of the standard session “Communicating Degrowth“]

We investigated how to influence people’s support for degrowth, and whether such influence may be subject to individual differences regarding transformative social change. To do so, we adopted the regulatory focus theory—one of the most widely used theoretical frameworks in social psychology—and used it to frame how degrowth is communicated to people. We also investigated the Utopian Impulse—a core personality trait that determines people’s propensity to pursue transformative social change.

Presenters: Dario Krpan (London School of Economics and Political Science), Frédéric Basso (London School of Economics and Political Science)

Language: English with translation to German

Technical details: Standard A2_Dario Krpan_The Psychology of Degrowth Adoption Insights from the Perspectives of the Utopian Impulse and the Regulatory Focus Theory.mp4, MPEG-4 video, 46.0MB

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