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Abstract: The great challenge of our time is to build and nurture sustainable communities, the environmental, social and existential crisis, among others, increasingly evident the unsustainable of the development model. Address this systemic crisis involves recognizing the need to create new structures and forms of organization. Its necessary a new education to generate a genuine change, mainly that respond to shift the paradigm from being predators of life to be holders of life in the broadest sense. Today free education and learning for life are key to advance to the knowledge societies and to reach a sustainable present recognizing and regenerating connections and relationships with land, society and our inner being more harmoniously. The initiative of the Free Learning Communities for Life seeks to build and nurture sustainable communities from the integration of free learning in family life and community around the regeneration of life. It approach seeks the participation of its members, based on a learning by doing freely and in response to the contexts, interests and needs of change.