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Abstract: The presented project sets high standards for the sustainable preservation of food by drying. Fruits and vegetables are purchased from regional and ecological farms and gardens. In addition orchard meadows are harvested and cared for in order to preserve these important habitats. The drying process is driven by solar energy. The process is adapted and synchronized to the availability of solar energy. Thereby, the drying process can be run by 100 % solar energy. Commonly 20…30 % of renewable energies are integrable into industrial processes. Thus it is giving an example of how the industry could cut down energy consumption. Finally, the sale of products is run by regional marketing networks only. Working with a solar only system with only regional processes and marketing makes the brand „Sonnenobst“ independend from energy and transport prices and is thus comparatively resilient. In the future we plan to combine the dried fruits and vegetables with Muesli, pickled tomatoes and fruit cake from other regional producers. These are further steps towards a regional food market.