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The publisher: In this book you will find an experience that many – at the time that it was implemented – called a completely utopian proposal. However, it was fully achieved and proved that it is possible to carry out an agro-food production by undertaking the reallocation of both production and consumption, combined with a social inclusion program based on degrowth principles regarding the use of natural resources. To this end, it sufficed to have political will.
This experience, initiated by the Federal District Government during the 1995-1998 administration, was called PROVE – Verticalization of Family Production Program, and consisted in implementing in the property of farmers considered as socially excluded, due to the conditions of extreme deprivation, small agro-industries of approximately 40 m².
The program was funded by the farmers themselves, but had the input of the Federal District Government (technical assistance, support for sanitary requirements and marketing, etc). Within three months of operation, the agro-industries produced enough to triple the family income. However, the biggest lesson learned was that it only takes political will and determination to promote the socioeconomic inclusion of small producers, who would otherwise be destined to a life of social exclusion and lack of dignity. All that while especting “Mother Earth”.

ISBN: 9788540901285