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Introduction: From private to political: The premise of my contribution is the pedagogical attention to the educative and care work, a constant of my public and private life. For more than twenty years I’ve professionally taken care of minors and their families, starting from the kinder garden and continuing with adolescents and young adults, in particular those with the risk of delinquency and subject to penal proceedings. For about twelve years I’ ve lived this experience in my family, as a wife and a mother of two, and as the only daughter of my old parents. More recently I started to expand the horizon of my reflection to the social dimension, because of the possibility I was given to collaborate at an Help Desk for Women, resulted in the participation at the feminist associationism that brought me to discover the importance and the actuality of the Gender topics. From these areas I deduced the essential connection between private and political dimension and their mutual influence. The increasing diffusion of a critical position regarding the contemporary economical structure, the necessity to change course regarding the demands of Degrowth and Transition perfectly coexist with the questions that every adult, invested with educational tasks, has concerning the human beings that he has the responsibility to bring up “What kind of world will we pass on to the today children?”, “How to contribute at the preparation of the tomorrow adults?”.
My response to these questions chooses to consider the following issues:
1. transforming the relationship systems
2. the specifics of the family molecule
3. gender roles and child care
4. reconciliation of the productive and reproductive work
5. a new education paradigm

Contribution to the 3rd International Degrowth Conference for Ecological Sustainability and Social Equity in Venice in 2012.