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The publisher: Decades of research and discussion have shown that the human population growth and our increased consumption of natural resources cannot continue – there are limits to growth. This volume demonstrates how we might modify and revise our economic systems using nature as a model.
The book describes how nature uses three growth forms: biomass, information, and networks, resulting in improved overall ecosystem functioning and co-development. As biomass growth is limited by available resources, nature uses the two other growth forms to achieve higher resource use efficiency. Through a universal application of the three ‘R’s: reduce, reuse, and recycle, nature thus shows us a way forward towards better solutions.
Table of Contents: 1. Introduction 2. Limits to Growth 3. How Nature Flourishes within Limits 4. How to Adopt Nature’s Properties in our Society? 5. Working with a Global Model 6. To Think Like an Ecosystem is Key to Win-win Outcomes for Humans and Environment 7. Ecological Footprint 8. Sustainability 9. Can We Overcome the Obstacles?

Paperback: 9781138842533
Hardback: 9781138842526