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Results from the GAP (Group Assembly Process) Group Commons and Peer Economy at the Degrowth Conference in Leipzig 2014

Commons and Degrowth
> Commons are essential for degrowth. They represent an existing alternative to state & market.
> Capitalism exploits the commons and depends upon them (p.e. unpaid women’s work, enclosed nature).
> Commonisation (= reclaiming the Commons) is necessary for degrowth and Commoning is a fundamental principle for a just society.

Consensual Principles of the Commons
> Commons create and relate on reciprocity.
> Commons affirm all peers’ equality while embracing their difference.
> Commons are organized to meet needs.
> Commons build collective autonomy.
> Commons build social relatedness.
> Commons share abundance.
> Commons beat back the limits imposed by private property (enclosure).
> Commons build collective competences.

> All social institutions could potentially be commons.
> In a commons-based society production and reproduction can be brought together.

Stirring papers:
> How can we construct the commons?
> “Let’s be realistic, let’s try the impossible.“ Degrowth needs a different economy!

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