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Results from the GAP (Group Assembly Process) Group Consumption at the Degrowth Conference in Leipzig 2014

Proposals for the Transformation
> Reformation of the standardization processes (p.e. ISO) so that marginalized (especially in the global south) are more effectively involved.
> Create time and space to build communities (= alternatives to shopping).
> Mainstreaming of critical thinking across all school subjects towards consumption habits, social practices, social status and advertisement.
> Discuss basic needs and fulfillment.
> Teach different social-ecological models.
> Expand teaching of self-providing.
> Establish space for children to discover how to make/do things.
> Create a marketing watch organization with an official mandate to restrict advertisement.

> Everyone should get the possibility of “full” awareness about consumption impacts.
> Find alternative fulfilment for psychological drivers of buying.

Controversial issues
> One single sustainability label (“single score label”)?
> Base education on communal decision of what is liked and needed?
> Make advertisement spaces public so that everyone can publish ads?

Ideas for Action
> Ad-busting.
> Spend a year without buying new stuff (contact: ben[at]goodmatters[dot]net).
> Inform about manipulation practices.

Open Questions for Research
> Should advertisement only be restricted or prohibited entirely?
> What can we learn from the tobacco case?
> How can we make long-lasting and high-quality products the new normal?

Stirring papers:
> Self-providing as a motor for Degrowth
> Good:matters. Empowering the Willing – Practicing the Transformation
> Where does responsibility begin and end?

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