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Results from the GAP (Group Assembly Process) Group Transport and Mobility at the Degrowth Conference in Leipzig 2014

Proposals for the Transformation
> Making car transport less attractive (parking fees, speed limits, access limits, gas prices…)
> Improve quality / quantity of public transport (right to access infrastructure and services)
> Decrease prices of public transport – affordable for everyone!
> Link public transport with bike & car-sharing

> Make energy more expensive to avoid transport
> Create cities of short distances
> DIY – free public transport with a sense of ownership
> ZIP-LINE Network – between towers, railway, parc, gardens, river…
> Public Education and Community Organization for Degrowth Urban Design

> limit FREE public transport to x km per day/month…

Ideas for Actions
> Public Actions with Urban Design Focus: Occupy a Street, Car free days, pilot projects
> Paint “Zebra”-Stripes
> Street Games like “Moveopoly” (
> Critical Mass
> Covering Cars
> Traffic Jam Agitation
> “Parking Day”

Research Proposals
> Qualitative Research about trips as such: Why do people really travel?
> Utopia for the reuse of traffic infrastructures
> analysis of best practises and other experiments
> what makes traffic infrastructure attractive – apart from the use as mobility hub

Stirring paper:
> Initiative on socially responsible mobility – saying no to traffic madness

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