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Abstract: The third contribution in the special session on the legacy of Richard Douthwaite will try to apply his findings to the development of the general energy situation in the Czech republic within the last twentyfive years. It will be argued that the transformation of the Czech economy and society since 1989 included developments that, to our opinion, crave for a n adjustment by the make-up of strong local economic structures, especially in the field of energy production – because the established czech development, especially in the last years, is not moving into a sustainable direction. Therefore, it seems to be a rewarding strategy to combine both, relying on local economic stractures and building up components of a renewable energy production. The contribution will focus on reporting the development of the centre of application of renewable energy in the area of Vilémov and ist surroundings, as an educational centre for the local use of renewable energies.

This media entry was a contribution to the special session “Beyond globalization – the legacy of Richard Douthwaite” at the 4th International Degrowth Conference in Leipzig in 2014.