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From the text: Will they call for a return to protectionism? Try to regulate the markets? Attempt to rein in unemployment by prioritizing economic growth, regardless of the cost? The Left seems to have run out of ideas for social and economic initiatives that are at once sound, liberating, and environmentally sustainable. Faced with such lack of vision, calls to “relocalize” the economy start to look appealing. But what we need is open and altruistic relocalization, the kind that, unlike worrisome and dangerous tendencies toward insularity, can actually “reestablish the right balance of efficiency, power, well-being, autonomy and conviviality.” Here is our viewpoint, to kick-start debate.

Translation of the French text published on Bastamag: Ni protectionnisme, ni néolibéralisme mais une « relocalisation ouverte », base d’une nouvelle internationale – Bastamag – 4 November 2015