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Abstract: Non-renewable energy entitlement scheme for Europe – a policy tool to fit our consumption within planetary limits Special Session: REDUCTIONS: Reducing Environmental Degradation & Unsustainable Consumption Trends & Impacts On Nature & Society The non-renewable energy entitlement scheme is a means to achieve an absolute reduction of nonrenewable energy use at EU level with a progressive reduction rate each year, where everybody has the same share. It aims to provide a comprehensive set of tools for getting to the roots of the problems related to climate change, and mitigating the causes of climate change and other environmental problems. The scheme would gradually reduce non-renewable energy use in Europe and promoting energy saving, energy efficiency and renewable energy resources through providing incentives and interest free loans for citizens, communities and economies to realise necessary investments. Furthermore, it would enhance environmental consciousness for the necessary structural change. The proposed regulatory system is based on 3 + 1 pillars, which together can reach the environmental goals while taking into account social considerations.