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Abstract: Facing the current crisis The increasing consumption of today’s affluent society and its continuous demand for seafood has pushed the boundaries of the ocean to provide for it. It is now believed that global exploitation limits have been reached and that recovery of depleted stocks must become a cornerstone of fisheries management. National, regional and international bodies have come up with different solutions such as rights-based management, where tenure arrangements are assigned, non-state market-driven environmental certification labels and the promotion of aquaculture. Additionally, in a number of more consumerist countries, internal production cannot satisfy seafood demand. The EU for example consumes twice the amount of fish it produces and fills the gap by importing fish fished in non-EU waters, in a way stealing it from those who depend on it for their livelihoods. This presentation will aim to bring in degrowth discussions the urgent need to reduce our impact on the oceans and its resources with solutions outside the neoliberal paradigm with a critique on solutions used by the EU.