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Abstract: Plan Nacional Buen Vivir de Ecuador 2013-2017 places special emphasis on sustainability at all levels, social, environmental and financial, as expressed in the twelve National Objectives for Good Living, including the Guarantee of the Rights of Nature and the Promotion of a Healthy and Sustainable Environment. Research undertaken by FLOK Society in Ecuador is an experiment of global significance which addresses a restructuring of the economy of Ecuador towards a Social Knowledge Economy promoting P2P production and the commons. A branch of FLOK Society’s research, Stream 5, introduces theories of sustainability and resilience. More than a theory, degrowth is understood here as a tool towards sustainability. Securing and promoting urban and rural sustainability and resilience, healthy ecosystems and vibrant local communities, cultures and economies against an otherwise volatile global environment, is a major challenge, given the interdependence of economies and bioregions. This paper is a report of relevant research being undertaken.