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Abstract: The purpose of this essay is to analyze to what measure, apparently very distinct movements like Solidarity Economy in Brazil and Degrowth, have the conditions to provide a common platform. So, through the identification of a given textual corpora for both movements, it was possible to verify and compare their theoretical-conceptual basis. The analysis of the basic corpora consisted of 14 Degrowth texts and 13 Solidarity Economy in Brazil, in addiction to the complementary corpus. A comparison was made based on a set of nine analytical categories, which are: subjects, historical events, context, antagonism, theoretical sources, values, problems, solutions, action strategy. As a result, it was able to identify a set of convergences, differences and divergences, with the predominance of convergences, it may be concluded that both movements have real possibilities to create a common platform for dialog and action by accepting their difficulties and beside such different aspects.