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Abstract: Despite diverse contributions to the conceptual and practical development of degrowth, there has been hardly any explicit and systematic engagement with the spatial dimension of a degrowth society. This paper therefore aims to foreground the emancipatory value of space in the degrowth transition. The paper takes the theoretical stance that there exists a dialectic relationship between space and society, where space is socially produced and reacts back upon economic production and social relations. Based on this socio-spatial dialectic, the spatialality of different degrowth visions such as The Simpler Way, bioregionalism, Inclusive Democracy, Eco-village are critical discussed in terms of (1) what kinds of space are produced by the different visions in degrowth debates? and (2) how do the different spatialities facilitate the achievement of degrowth? The paper ends with an emphasis on reconstituting degrowth by incorporating space as a necessary, generative, and integral element of societal transformation.
Keywords: spatiality, degrowth visions, space, societal transformation
Narrative step: visions or strategies for transformation