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Abstract: Teko Arandu is an expression from the Tupi-Guarani language which can be translated as ‘living with wisdom.’ Its meaning embraces the different ontological perspectives that these peoples have about the world, the humankind and nature, which reflect their cosmological systems and specific relations with their ancestral lands. In discourses about sustainability this kind of traditional wisdom might be a crucial resort to widen the possibilities of creating significant sustainable futures with a different set of values that do not follow the Western-modern rush for economic growth and technological development. The preservation of cultural diversity is an important step to enable new visions and strategies for transformation in the discourses about sustainability. In this sense, the Teko Arandu is a concept that indicates how new directions for sustainability can influence and be influenced by the case of the Brazilian indigenous group Guarani-Kaiowá.
Keywords: cultural diversity, sustainability, indigenous heritage