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Abstract: 40 years ago it was harder to opt out of ‘the growth society’, in the US than in Sweden. At home I expected good education disregarding income. Since then Sweden has been ‘normalised’. In Polanyian terms – disembedded. The same forces applies mutatis mutandis to nation states. One factor is the arrangements for international flows of finance. An illustration is the rising ratio of global debt to global GDP. From 1980 to 2006 the World GDP grew fivefold. Financial assets rose much faster. The relation of financial assets to World GDP thus rose from 1,2 to 3,5. Another key concept is reciprocity. Non monetary – reciprocal – relations have suffered when monetarised market and ‘state’ relations have grown as proportions of the sum total of the result of human interaction for material well-being. And the ‘decommodifying’ qualities of ‘state monetary relations’ have been reversed (i.a. equality enhancing redistribution by states).