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Abstract: Our society shares a deep faith, an unquestionable belief that education is something good by its very nature. What I want to “dialogize” is that the education systems around the world, and schools in todays Super-Capitalism are the (1) depositories and reproducers of the structural injustice (2) the instruments of institutionalized dehumanization and (3) the manifestations of the fetishism of current pedagogical slogan-ideologies. Paulo Freire – advocate of critical pedagogy – illustrates that the mentioned oppressive acts of education are not side-effects, these acts follow from the global system of injustice. Freire underlies the concept of the struggle for freedom: the revolution of love. According to Freire’s pedagogical methodology, I would like to present a project, which integrates critical pedagogy into teacher education, by making the opportunity the undergraduate students simply to spend time together with children, and recognize their point of view of education.