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Abstract: The world’s addiction to economic growth continues with barely any recognition that this is a problem. Indeed, in a Western world currently dominated by austerity measures and ducking in and out of recession, growth is seen even by progressives as the only possible solution for our economic and social woes.
This No-Nonsense Guide looks deeper into the idea of economic growth – to trace its history and understand why it has become so unchallengeable and powerful.
And then it goes beyond that to present the alternative – how we can kick our dirty habit, how degrowth can be turned into a positive and how we can arrive at a new levels of environmental sustainability without having to turn the clock back to the Dark Ages.

ISBN: 978-1-78026-123-2

Comment: The book has almost nothing in it about degrowth as it is discussed in Europe. There is one reference to Latouche but no other well know proponents, nothing about any of the international degrowth conferences and a bibliography which is more related to Daly, Dixon, Victor and Jackson, etc. than what most readers of these lists would consider degrowth.