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Abstract: “Open Altra Economia” (OAE) is an Italian R&D project experimenting with Open Data and Open Source Software (OSS) to advance the cause of “Altra Economia Lazio” (AEL), a consortium of social and economic structures whose main principles are based on equity, solidarity, efficiency and sustainability. These concepts are also at the core of degrowth and “downshifting” movements created to build a good society, allow the planet to sustain itself and improve human well-being and social equity. According to national rules promoting and regulating social and economic innovation and key EU policies stating that technological progress should address grand and societal challenges, we are working to: 1) make available on the Semantic Web of Data linked open datasets about AEL’s commercial activities and not-for-profit organisations that will be free to use, reuse and redistribute; 2) study and devise free OSS platforms, tools and end-user applications to collect, maintain, “crowd-source” and provide such data in a creative, innovative and original fashion.
Keywords: Free and open technologies for degrowth; Knowledge production; Semantic Web