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Abstract: The present paper aims at investigating an innovative approach to guide consumers’ daily life choices in Germany towards a more sustainable way of acting. This should be achieved by introducing a new concept: transition road maps. Transition road maps bear the capability of illustrating courses of consumption behaviour without being prohibitive. These schemes foster self-determined behaviour and encourage the consumer to rethink and restructure his or her habits of consumption, with a focus on sustainability. The innovative thought is, not to simply stick to the usual triad of spheres of activity, consisting of nutrition, mobility and housing. Instead further aspects of consumers’ daily routines are considered, such as leisure activities, time usage or financial activities. Moreover the transition road maps are based on a new ideology of combining and connecting the qualitative algorithm of time use, financial spending and resource impact of social practices in the area of private consumption. In the long-term, the transition road maps could e.g. be used in sustainability communication or consumer counselling.