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Abstract: Wright poses us the challenge of building a world of equality while working in the world of today. This article addresses the challenge of transitioning to a degrowth economy and eco-socialism which focuses on distribution over production and which requires a strong ethic of equality at the heart of society. Degrowth aims to address over-consumption by addressing real need, reducing wants, ensuring greater distributive equality and ultimately by suppressing production. However, the detailed mechanisms of how a steady-state economics can provide a quality of life and employment, eliminate poverty and promote an egalitarian society require immense work to flesh out. This article points in the desired direction of travel and outlines some initial steps. It fleshes out two key obstacles to degrowth, the issue of employment and the impact for revenue and expenditure arising from a move towards degrowth. It points to the relevance of degrowth arguments for feminist and democratic movements and how the degrowth strategy offers potential for new political coalitions. It concludes by reflecting on the limitations of symbiotic transformative strategies and the need for a language capable of imagining and articulating real utopias.

Irish Journal of Sociology, Vol. 21.2, 2013, pp. 76–89