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Abstract: In the last years architectural interventions in urban space have shown their potential both on a social and a aesthetic level. The vertical urban garden is a multi-storey garden for the community, a meeting-point in the city, a space for cultural activities and recreation. The construction is based on the possibilities of the scaffolding system, is easy and cost-efficently to assemble and committed to the principles of sustainability as all elements are reusable, and hyper-efficient in terms of water conservation and waste recycling. As a modular architectural volume it contributes to re-urbanisation and re-densification of shrinking cities on the one hand, and on the other hand creates possibilities for a (temporary) realisation of a community garden in a densely used city space. Beyond the utopian projects of modern architecture and city planning the vertical urban garden project potential is its easy realizability. Besides the scaffolding one needs hardly more than wooden crates and soil – and passionate gardeners and people interested in their city.