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Introduction: Branko Milanovic has written a blog post titled “The illusion of degrowth in a poor and unequal world”. He penned it, he says, following a conversation he had with a proponent of degrowth.

As it turns out, that proponent was me.

First, let me say that I have a lot of respect for Milanovic’s work on inequality. I cite him all the time. But unfortunately he doesn’t have a strong grasp of degrowth. Let’s look at his argument in detail.

Chronology of the discussion
Original blog post by Branko Milanovic “The illusion of “degrowth” in a poor and unequal world”
First reply by Jason Hickel “Why Branko Milanovic is wrong about de-growth”
Reply by Branko Milanovic “The illusion of degrowth: Part II”
Second Reply by Jason Hickel “De-growth is feasible: people want a new economy”