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Abstract: The degrowth vision of working less to enjoy life more is reserved primarily for people who possess certain material or philosophical tools. From Epicurus to anti-consumerism, overworked masses have indirectly subsidized lovers of idle conviviality. Therefore, opposition to wealth inequality should feature a struggle for justice in the realm of leisure time. The idle Thoreau, walking through forests, creates more wealth than the entrepreneur who “productively” cuts down trees. However, our choice to work less may be facilitated by others who involuntarily work more. Policy proposals to minimize the unfair transfer of time wealth: (a) Internationally mandated and expanded Fair Trade to restructure the mining, textile and electronics industries. (b) Expanded labor unions. Time rich northern Europe has a considerably larger percentage of unionized citizens than time-starved nations. (c) Extending the right of paid sabbaticals from professional jobs to positions where people truly need the time off, such as miners and sanitation workers.
Key words: working less, leisure time, justice
Narrative step: Strategies for Transformation