Conference fee

Please note: This page is for your information only. It is not yet possible to register for the conference.

We kindly ask you to pay a conference fee for your participation at the Degrowth conference. Following the spirit of degrowth, you can choose an amount between 15€ and 200€. For your orientation, we give the following recommendations for participating the whole four days:

Recommended contributions

With the registration, all participants will receive a public transport ticket. The ticket is valid for the city of Leipzig during the days of the conference. To finance it solidarily, we have raised the recommended contributions slightly. Thank you for your understanding.

50€ reduced contribution
90€ standard contribution
150€ solidarity contribution
200€ scientific contribution for participants with institutional affiliation

If you already know in advance that you won’t be there for the whole time, you can pay less, e.g.:

15€ reduced contribution for a day
25€ standard contribution for a day
40€ solidarity contribution for a day


The degrowth conference is mainly financed through funds from foundations and most of the work is done voluntarily. Unfortunately, it is not possible to not have a fee. Yet, we don’t want to exclude anyone for financial reasons. Therefore, you can choose yourself how much you can and want to pay.
At the conference itself, there will be a multitude of possibilities to support the organization via small jobs. We would be especially happy if you joined us for some hours of work at the conference if you cannot pay the standard contribution which covers our costs.