Editorial team

The degrowth web portal is run by a professional editorial team and supported by volunteers. Do you want to contribute? – just contact us!

Programme data-base

Corinna Burkhart

Conceptual Design and Implementation

Corinna is a human ecologist and active in the European degrowth movement. She is taking care of the media library. Email

Christiane Kliemann

Blog team

Christiane is a freelance journalist who has established the blog in the run-up to the Degrowth Conference. Before she has worked at the UNFCCC secretariat and  Deutsche Welle. Email

Programme data-base

Nina Treu

Conceptual Design and Fundraising

Nina is a political scientist and has been working for the Konzeptwerk since 2012. Besides her work for the web portal, she focuses on internal coordination for the  Konzeptwerk. Email

Nathan Barlow

Blog team

Nathan is a Master’s student in Social Ecological Economics at Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU) researching the potentials of social ecological transformation discourses in both the USA and Europe. He is currently organizing the 2020 Degrowth conference on Strategy in Vienna. Email

Joe Herbert

Blog team

Joe is a PhD student in Human Geography at Newcastle University researching the presence of a degrowth ethos amongst young environmental activists in the UK. He is also an organiser of the degrowthUK network (@degrowthUK). Email

Constanza Hepp

Blog team

She studied Journalism in Santiago and Human Ecology in Lund . She is currently living in northern Italy, caring for her family and establishing a CSA project. She is creating a bridge between academic activism & social practices. Email

Gabriel Trettel Silva

Library team

Gabriel is an Environmental Scientist who researches on the implications of degrowth for the global South. He worked as a UNESCO consultant to integrate sustainability into public education curricula in Sao Paulo and an educator for solidarity economy enterprises. Email

Joëlle Saey-Volckrick

Blog and Library team

Joëlle Saey-Volckrick is an ecological economist who graduated in International Economics. She lectures a class on “Sustainable Economies” at the Berlin Schools of Economics and Law. Email

Nick Andrian

Blog team

Nick is a young social scientist with particular interest in ecological economics and political ecology. Email

Riccardo Mastini

Social Media and Blog team

Riccardo Mastini is a PhD student in ICTA at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. He tweets at @r_mastini, his essays are on his website, and you can follow him on Facebook at @r.mastiniEmail

Thomas Makled

Social media team

Thomas is a human being inspired by degrowth and ecological economics. He is an organizer with DegrowUS, and studies environmental policy at the University of Michigan. Email

Andro Rilović

Blog and Library team

Andro is a PhD student in ecological economics and political ecology, at the International Institute of Social Studies and the Institute for Political Ecology. Interested in degrowth & anarchism, and how they can be applied in creating new community development models. Email

 Renda Belmallem

 Library and Social Media team

Renda is a Master’s student in Social Sciences and Political Ecology at the School of Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences (EHESS, Paris). She is member of the coordination group of Feminisms and Degrowth Alliance (FaDA), and of the French degrowth network. Email