Editorial team

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Andro Rilović

Blog and Library

Andro is a PhD student in ecological economics and political ecology at the International Institute of Social Studies. Interested in degrowth & anarchism, and how they can be applied in creating new community development models.


Constanza Hepp


Constanza studied Journalism in Santiago and Human Ecology in Lund . She is currently living in northern Italy, caring for her family and establishing a CSA project. She is creating a bridge between academic activism & social practices.


Carol Bardi


Carol is a Brazilian ecological economist and an independent researcher on various subjects with one goal: building a socioeconomic system based on happiness for all beings. She is particularly interested in anarchism, commonality, sport as a tool for community building and ecofeminism. She is currently doing her master’s in Sustainable Development at Utrecht University in the Netherlands with a UES scholarship and works as a freelance reviewer and translator.

Gabriel Trettel Silva


Gabriel is an Environmental Scientist who researches the implications of degrowth for the global South. He worked as a UNESCO consultant to integrate sustainability into public education curricula in Sao Paulo and an educator for solidarity economy enterprises.


Jacob Smessaert


Jacob is currently doing a PhD in environmental social sciences at Utrecht University, focusing on democratic praxis in alternative food networks.


Joe Herbert


Joe (@joefherb) is a PhD student in Human Geography at Newcastle University, researching narratives of socio-ecological transformation amongst young environmental activists in the UK. He is a blog editor for degrowth.info and runs @degrowthUK on twitter. 


KC Legacion


KC (he/him) is a graduate student within the Master of Environmental Studies program at the University of Pennsylvania. Concentrating on Degrowth and Technology, KC is interested in the intersections of critical communication and media studies, political ecology, the philosophy of information and technology, and emancipatory movements. His research focuses on the relationship between the Internet and socio-ecological liberation.

Joëlle Saey-Volckrick


Joëlle (she/her) is a lecturer in Ecological Economics and Environmental Justice at the Berlin School of Economics and Law (HWR) and at the St Paul University in Ottawa, and a community builder for a food buying group in Quebec. Her work seeks to build bridges between the academia and social movements.

Livia Regen

Blog and Communications

Livia is about to complete her master’s in Socio-ecological Economics and Policy at the Vienna University of Economics and Business, and is currently working on her thesis on international press companies’ responses to the climate crisis. She was part of the Degrowth Vienna 2020 Conference organising team with a focus on external communication.

Nathan Barlow

Blog and Fundraising

Nathan is currently a PhD candidate at the WU in Vienna. His research focuses on degrowth, strategies for social ecological transformation, and understanding how related movements are taking shape on both sides of the Atlantic. He is also a main organizer of the Vienna degrowth conference.

Nina Treu

Programme data-base

Conceptual Design and Fundraising

Nina is a political scientist and has been working for the Konzeptwerk since 2012. Besides her work for the web portal, she focuses on internal coordination for the  Konzeptwerk.


We acknowledge the contribution of previous members: Christiane Kliemann, Corinna Burkhart, Riccardo Mastini, Nick von Andrian.