Edited videos of events

Here you can find videos of many events of the conference.

Tuesday, 02.09.

> Introductory Course: “Degrowth: What?!” (Speakers: Federico Demaria & Giacomo D’Alisa; Language: English)
> Opening Event (Opening event with music by Pablo Paolo Kilian and speeches by Nina Treu & Daniel Constein, Naomi Klein and Alberto Acosta.; Language: English)
> Openingpanel: Degrowth for Ecological Sustainability and Social Equity (Speakers: Federico Demaria, Silke Helfrich, Alberto Acosta, Nicola Bullard; Moderatorin: Sylvia Lorek; Language: original sound, German and English)

Wednesday, 03.09.

> Keynotes (Haris Konstatatos: Social-ecological crisis & crisis of democracy: a view from Southern Europe / Barbara Muraca: Between Doom and Utopia: Degrowth as a way out of the crisis?; Language: English)
> Panel: Dimensions of learning for a degrowth society (Speakers: Helena Norberg-Hodge, Bertrand Stern, Barbara Muraca; Moderation: Jeremias Herberg; Language: English)
> Panel: Free Trade – a barrier for degrowth? (Speakers: Manuel Pérez-Rocha, Lutz Weischner, Filka Sekulova; Moderation: Alexandra Strickner; Language: German and English)
> Panel: Responses to the eurocrisis: Strategies for the degrowth-movement (Speakers: Steffen Lange, Giorgos Velegrakis, Nicola Bullard; Moderation: Tadzio Müller; Language: English)
> Panel: Climate Justice and Degrowth: commonalities, resistance and alternatives (Speakers: Tadzio Müller, Nnimmo Bassey, Lucia Ortiz; Moderation: Lyda Fernanda; Language: English)
> Panel: German parliamentary commission on growth – results and follow-up (Speakers: Matthias Zimmer, Hermann Ott, Sabina Leidig; Moderation: Angelika Zahrnt; Language: English)
> Special session contribution: Post-Extractivism and De-Growth: Two Sides of the Same Perspective? (Speaker: Ulrich Brand; Language: English)
> Scientific lecture: How growth enters our imaginaries and how we may get rid of it (Laura Bazzicalupo: Ambivalence of dispositifs of subjectivation in the biocapitalist imaginary / Hartmut Rosa: Striving for growth, yearning for degrowth? Resonance as a solution to the good-life problem, Language: English)
> Discussion Workshop “Basic Income – national and global concepts and models” (Ronald Blaschke, Netzwerk Grundeinkommen, Language: German)

Thursday, 04.09.

> Keynotes (Adelheid Biesecker: (Re)Productivity as an economic paradigm for a social-ecological economy / Sunita Narain: A right to grow? Meeting the needs of all within the planetary boundaries; Language: English)
> Panel: Alliances for degrowth between Global North and South?! (Speakers: Beatriz Rodriquez Labajos, Ashish Kothari, Alberto Acosta; Moderation: Ulrich Brand; Language: English)
> Panel: The new economy of nature – tendencies of valuation and financialization (Speakers: Bernd Hansjürgens, Barbara Unmüßig, Camila Moreno; Moderation: Alexandra Strickner; Language: English)
> Panel: Degrowth? A feminsit perspective (Speakers: Adelheid Biesecker, Sabine O’Hara, Christa Wichterich, Karin Schönpflug; Moderation: Katharina Pühl; Language: original sound, German and English)
> Panel: ShareEconomy, P2P, Transition Town: What do they share? (Speakers: Astrid Lorenzen, Benjamin Tincq, Tony Greenham; Moderation: Silke Helfrich; Language: English)
> Panel: How can work be (re)organized under a degrowth perspective? (Speakers: Norbert Reuter, Chema Berro, Christine Ax; Moderation: Michael Fischer; Language: English)
> Panel: Décroissance, Postwachstum, decreixement, decrescita – all degrowth but different? (Speakers: Mauro Bonaiuti, Niko Paech, Francois Schneider, Joan Martinez-Alier; Moderation: Elisabeth von Thadden; Language: English)
> Scientific lecture: Social metabolism and the degrowth society (Katharine Farrel: Living Systems and (de)Growth: a matter of life and death / Anke Schaffartzik: Scenarios for a biophysical degrowth of industrial metabolism, Language: English)

Friday, 05.09.

> Keynotes (Michel Bauwens: The Transition to a Sustainable Commons Society in Ecuador and beyond / Euclides André Mance: Economy of Liberation, Solidarity Economy and Good Living (bem-viver); Language: English)
> Panel: Commons, Economy for the common good and Solidarity Economy: What do they share? (Speakers: David Bollier, Euclides André Mance, Lisa Muhr; Moderation: Anja Humburg)
> Panel: Cultural Agency – potentials and limits of current civic movements (Speakers: Leonidas Martin, Michael Narberhaus, Friederike Habermann; Moderation: Luise Tremel, Language: English)
> Panel: Degrowth technologies – global experiences (Speakers: Alice Hooker-Stroud, Nguyen Thu Trang, Michel Bauwens; Moderation: Arianna Ferrari, Language: English)
> Panel: The food challenge. Struggling for just and ecological food systems (Speakers: Reinhild Benning, Christiana Schuler, Lucía Gallardo, Eric Holt-Giménez (via video); Moderation: Jan Urhahn; Language: English)
> Panel: Mobility for everyone – with less traffic (Speakers: Maggie Klingler-Lauer, Patrick Kayemba, Winfried Wolf; Moderation: Sabine Leidig; Language: English)
> Panel: A worldwide energy revolution? (Speakers: Camila Moreno, Patrick Bond, Jonathan Neale; Moderation: Nina Netzer; Language: English)
> Panel: Unconditional Basic Autonomy by income or infrastructure? (Speakers: Vincent Liegey, Werner Rätz, Margit Appel; Moderation: Dagmar Paternoga; Language: English)
> Panel: Politics of sufficiency vs counterculture (Speakers: Harald Welzer, Uwe Schneidewind; Moderation: Anja Humburg; Language: German)
> Scientific lecture: Scenarios for a post-growth economy (Niko Paech: An Introduction to Post-growth Economies / Clive Spash: A Future Social Ecological Economy: Reality-Transformation-Utopia, Language: English)

Saturday, 06.09.

> Closing Plenary: How do we move on? (Speakers: Giorgos Kallis, Christopher Laumanns, Lucia Ortiz; Moderation: Andrea Vetter; Language: English)
> Closing morning: Reports – what happend? (Language: English)

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