Together we say no to the alleged lack of alternatives. We want to show concrete scope for action and alternatives to the capitalist growth society, because a good life for all is possible!

Organize a picnic and talk about a “good life for all” – change often starts with a relaxed chat around good food.
Of course, other forms are possible: be it a public debate with degrowth activists, a bicycle tour to a local CSA farm (Community Supported Agriculture), a visit to the next Repair Café, a lecture, a flashmob, an information booth, a small festival, a demonstration in front of a coal power plant… you can decide! But we recommend to have during, before or after the event, a convivial part, where people can interact and share food/drinks together.

If you are organizing your own global degrowth day event, please register on our forum (if you haven’t done so already) and create your event there. You will find instructions here.
If you don’t want to register, you can also fill out the participation form so we can create your event for you. Please note that this may take a little time, also for any changes you may have later.
Your event will appear on the map. This will provide an overview of what is happening globally on the degrowth day, and will also help people and organizations to connect to events in their area.
If you are already a forum member, you can directly create your event.

Don’t forget to document your event! Here you can place your pictures and documentation. We will publish them after the action day.

Important update regarding Corona virus: Since the situation can be different in every country we recommend to inform yourself whether public real life events are an option in your area. We definitely don’t want you to risk your health and those of other people. But this does not mean that we cannot have a great global degrowth day!

Here you can find some ideas for virtual events and tools which might be helpful for online sessions. These are “living” documents meaning you can put in additional ideas, hints or tool knowledge:
Collection of Ideas for Virtual Events
Online Collaboration Tools

Toolkit for the Action Day

Participation Form for the Global Degrowth Day