Degrowth Project Fund – the supported Initiatives

The awarded initiatives, who will get funding from the degrowth project fund, are now published. The total amount of 9000€ is distributed among the following nine projects:

  • Care Revolution (Organisation of workshops, where Care and Degrowth will be brought together)
  • Workers struggles (Project, which carries the idea of climate justice into workers unions)
  • BUKO-discussion paper “Still not loving COPs” (Dissemination through workshops)
  • UKSSD-Project-office (Establishment of a place for education for economical/ethnical discriminated people as well as contacts to social centres in northern Syria)
  • Interior construction of the “Zweieck” (grass roots place in Leipzig / Anger-Crottendorf)
  • Film project “Radical Resilience” (a.o. about how to deal with burnout in volunteer work)
  • Regenerate Future – Conference (Italy, connects Degrowth & feminist approaches)
  • Conception stage for the “Haus des guten Lebens” (Living-, education- and research place for Degrowth & life praxis)
  • Reudnetz (Self-governed internet provider for internet anonymity and “Freifunk” in the east of Leipzig)


About 25 application reached the selection team; the decision was as expected difficult. Next to the way of organizing, several criteria concerning the content where taken into account. For example the formulated critique of hegemony or if the topics or organisers are under-represented in the public discourse. The projects are supported with 500 to 1500€.

The collected voluntary participation fee at the degrowth-conference in Leipzig was higher than expected. Therefore the former degrowth-conference organising-group (in cooperation with the Förderverein Wachstumswende) could give financial support to degrowth-related projects.

> Here you can find the call